Magic Time Vinyl Festival celebrates its 3rd birthday!

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Everybody who is planning to visit Croatia these days should not miss the Magic Time Vinyl Festival, a spectacular music event which will last 3 days in a row and open its magic doors on Thursday, 26th July. While being three days and nights in pure nature, the audience will enjoy a festival where the DJs will play songs only from old vinyl records. 14 well-known Croatian DJs and headliners such as the singer Meri Cetinić, Mladen Puljiz – Boa and Robert Mareković – Fantomi will make your stay a memorable and truly special one. Free entry and free camping, music under the stars, an art exhibition and a vinyl record fair, gastronomic delicacies and much more will set every music lover’s and vinyl fan’s heart aflutter. This is a festival for all generations … 

Magic Time Vinyl Festival‘s founder, Velimir Vuković aka DJ Mr. Wex, is a passionate music lover and owns a collection of more than 12.000 vinyl records. He had a clear vision when he founded this unique Festival – to play exclusively vinyl reproduced music and to make it affordable for everyone – a vinyl celebration in all of its sizes!

Mr. Wex says: „The idea is to gather all LP lovers and DJs and present the music which you can hardly hear anywhere else – neither on the radio nor on TV and surely not in clubs. This doesn’t mean we are dealing with bad tunes. On the contrary, vinyl still pack a punch even after 30 or 40 years, but receded into the background, pushed away by the onslaught of new commercial music or even ended up buried in an avalanche of digital hyper-production. … The old songs can be as exciting as they come and we want to prove it. Of course, music is here to relax and amuse, but it can also educate. And that’s precisely what we aim at with this Festival.”

Vinyl is a symbol of a different lifestyle, a different way of listening to music – no ‘next’, no ‘skip’ button, just A and B sides.

Located at the Vrljika River next to the Dalmatian city Imotski in a protected natural area, the nature reserve Perinuša, Magic Time Vinyl Festival celebrates its third birthday. The visitor’s number is constantly growing where people feel free to dance, sing and relax in breathtaking nature.

Magic Time Vinyl Festival is devoted to an exclusive analogue sound experience where the gramophone’s sound conjoins with atmospheric river waves.

Lasting for three days, from noon till far into the night, Magic Time Vinyl Festival will meet a wide range of musical tastes. So, let’s dance & enjoy, relax, discover!

Join us this midsummer in the meadows by the Vrljika River!

Welcome to Magic Time Vinyl Festival!

Photo credits: Magic Time Vinyl Festival

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