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Nir Levi (56) is a wholehearted therapist and instructor of The Nir Levi Method, which is containing the Anma-Ampuku and Body Reading methods along with different emotional, verbal communication and bodywork techniques. He was the student of the Japanese grand master Dr. DoAnn Tesunu Kaneko in Santa Monica, California in 1989.

We met about two years ago in Dubai at the holistic centre Life’n One on Jumeirah Beach Road, which is recently reborn as a vibrant wellness hub and plant-based café called SEVA Experience, where Nir frequently practises and teaches his healing methods. With our encounter back then it was clear that this is just the beginning of a mindful and enthusiastic journey. Based in Paris, Nir loves travelling and likes to say: “I am happy that I have the opportunity to give treatments and classes in different countries around the world.”

With over three decades of experience, Nir Levi is specialised in both physical and emotional systems of healing arts. He is currently treating and instructing in Paris, Geneva, Zurich, Madrid, Istanbul, Dubai …

What is The Nir Levi Method & Anma-Ampuku?

The Nir Levi Method treatment is based on one of the oldest healing arts in the world – the Anma. It is a bodywork that originated in China 5000 years ago as part of the traditional Chinese medicine and is based on the philosophy of ‘Taoism’, the model of ‘Yin and Yang’ and the Chinese ‘5 element’s theory’.

In my studies I have been introduced to the art of the Ampuku, the work of the abdomen. This healing art has been developed in Japan approximately 500 years ago by the legendary Master Ota. The Ampuku work is targeting the front part of the body. Through different kind of exercises, Master Ota managed to affect and treat all aspects and ailments of the body by focusing on the work of the abdomen.

The human body is like a mirror that reflects the internal, emotional and physical state of a person. When we observe humans, we will see the external expression of the internal blockages. These blockages are the cause of physical and emotional disease.

I have created my own method after studying the arts of the Anma and the Ampuku and incorporated the studies of Chinese medicine with its musical background, as I also was a musician playing drums for many years. I understood that rhythm and movement play an important role in our lives. Through my work experience, I discovered that there is great importance in the healing process by recognising the internal and external rhythm and movement of the body. I found out that by working with the gap between these two aspects, we can contribute to the healing process and to the general balance of the body. The techniques being used in the work process, respect the individual internal and external rhythm and movement abilities.

Trough my life circumstances, I have developed a fine sensitivity to humans which helped me to advance my work method. I also developed a highly elaborated Body Reading evaluation system based on human behaviour and human evolution that is being used as part of my sessions. The Body Reading system is based on the reconnection between humans and Nature, recognising the 5 great elements of Nature in humans and explaining the effects they have on our daily lives.

How can The Nir Levi Method help in certain situations?

The Nir Levi Method treatment is all about movement and the understanding that humans are part of Nature, for Nature is based on movement, and so are human beings. We need to be in constant movement in our lives, internally and externally. The moment we stop moving, we create stagnation, which will create a local blockage that will damage the surrounding area, and then it can spread and damage other areas including the emotional system of the body.

The treatment helps breaking this stagnation while incorporating the receiver in the process. It starts with a guided conversation and continues with dynamic, entire bodywork.

During the bodywork, a large variety of exercises and stretches are used on different parts of the body. The main purpose is to stimulate the QI points, release muscle tension, create energy movement in the meridian system and create better blood and QI circulation to improve the body ability to heal itself.

The bodywork can be used as a preventive measure, as prophylaxis, or for specific problems such as headache, cold, asthma, numbness, high or low blood pressure, digestive problems, childbirth, gynaecological problems, insomnia or sexual difficulties.

There is also a specific work method for treating children, pregnant women or for treating fertility problems.

The natural tendency of human behaviour is to protect its blockages. Humans recognise their blockages as molds of life and try to protect them. This protection diminishes the ability of the immune system to prevent diseases. Balance is relative in life and it is based on movement. To achieve balance, people have to walk the way towards healing.

Whom is The Nir Levi Method intended for?

– My healing methods are intended for people of all ages, starting from newborn babies to older people through all conditions and necessary needs.

In the last 30 years you dedicated yourself to the study of human behaviour. You worked in many different establishments and had the opportunity to observe people in various extreme situations in life. How would you describe your career path as therapist and mentor?

– I was very lucky to work with a wide variety of difficulties in different cultures and countries, which has allowed me to learn a lot about human behaviour and the power of the evolution process and the effects on our daily behaviour … Most people are carrying a load from the past and are more influenced by the imaginary parts of their existence. Finding the gap between reality and imagination allows me to help people to (re-)direct themselves in life.

In your healing arts you treat people through body, mind and energy work. How do you combine these healing methods and what are the benefits for your clients?

– Taking a holistic approach to health allows me to treat a person’s needs. We cannot divide humans into just body or mind or emotions, we are all of that together, we have to treat all of the parts in a balanced way, considering all needs.

You say that there are no diseases in nature, only sick people. A disease is part of the human personality. How can we break this pattern?

– We have to see ourselves as part of Nature. We are a part of Nature and we have developed through natural selection for millions of years … One thing that is important in Nature is movement. As part of Nature we need to adopt the habit of internal and external movement. We have to understand the power of living in the moment without disregarding the future. Breaking our patterns involves practising movement and acceptance.

Nature, as well as human beings, are build from the same elements. Each element represents a different kind of energy in the human body. Can this understanding help to improve the natural healing process?

– Understanding the connection between humans and nature allowed me to develop the Body Reading method. I found out that like Nature is balancing itself through the 5 elements – Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Wood – humans are carrying the elements’ need to balance those elements in order to achieve relative health. Each element represents a part of human life, and each element plays a part in human behaviour. By knowing that, we create movement in these elements, which allows us to be relatively balanced.

Currently, we can witness more than ever that the power in society over the individual is tremendous. We have to rediscover some of the instincts and our intuition, which we have lost during thousands of years. To put it in one sentence, what is fear doing to the human body, mind and spirit?

– Fear comes from our imagination. We just think that we can control life or control our future, and of course, this is impossible. We can only live today, in the present. Tomorrow is an abstraction. Fear crests in panic and we cannot achieve anything under conditions of panic and fear, we are literally blocked. If we are afraid of loss, we are already lost …

How do you approach a new client who has asked you for help regarding emotional, physical or internal pain?

– Treatment starts with a conversation that makes the situation clear. We need to know what we are facing during the treatment. There is a visible issue and a hidden one. After this clarification, we approach the body and work on what the body holds as trauma, pain and internal organ function. By connecting the mental, emotional and the physical body, we can find a pragmatic way for the person to enter the process. From that point on, it’s a matter of choice – the client has to choose, if he or she wants to start the healing process …

How is pain related to change?

– Pain is an incentive that helps us make the change, and by knowing that, pain becomes our best friend and we should not be in a hurry to put it fast asleep …

People have to learn how to tune back to a more natural, healthier life. Where can people attend your seminars and workshops?

The Nir Levi Method is a highly elaborated work system. It is planned to teach classes in any centre, which is interested in healing arts. For now, I am offering long-term study programmes in Dubai and workshops in countries, which I have frequently visited.

You are father of three kids. What do you think is essential in the relationship between you and your children? What do you teach them from an early age?

– I try to allow them to express themselves as much as possible in the society they live in. I teach them about morals and ethics regarding their fellow humans and Nature, and most of all, I try to allow them to develop themselves according to their own needs.

You say that life is a moving mechanism and that the healing process is based on movement. How do you adjust to the new global situation?

– The adjustment is, according to me, accepting life as it is. I have no control over the global situation. I have control over my ability to adjust to whatever will be. For that matter, I need to be flexible.

Your vision for the future?

– It might sound a bit esoteric, but for me future is an abstraction. I think that we can all set a goal for the future and then let it go. We need to completely focus on living in the present moment, today, without judgment.

If you could pick only one word to describe our relation, which word would you choose?

– Fruitful.


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